Today, the last day of National Principals Month, New Leaders and the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) are partnering to deliver a webinar on school leader data literacy. As states focus on improving overall school quality and ensuring success for all students, they need a workforce of school and district administrators who are equipped to use data to continuously improve.

DQC will present takeaways from its recent report, Administrator Data Literacy Fosters Student Success, highlighting why and how states can support school leaders in becoming data-literate. New Leaders will bring DQC’s findings to life by showcasing alignment between the actions outlined in the report and its evidence-based training for education leaders at all levels of the system–from teacher leaders to principals and their supervisors.

“Talented leaders foster a strong learning culture, building schools where talented teachers want to work and where students thrive,” says Krista Lewis-Johnson, Director of Instructional Design at New Leaders who also served as an expert reviewer of DQC’s report. “They engage families and make sure that parents and guardians have the information they need to be real partners in supporting their children’s success. All of these crucial actions require strong data literacy skills–skills our program participants master through a learning process that includes repeated practice, expert feedback, and reflection.”

“Although our Transformational Leadership Framework is specific to principals, we facilitate deep learning around data literacy in all of programming,” adds Edward Morris, Jr., Executive Director of Instructional Design at New Leaders and 2007 graduate of Aspiring Principals, New Leaders’ flagship principal preparation program. “Whether you’re a teacher leading a PLC, a principal creating a plan for whole-school professional development, or a district administrator coaching a principal on identifying instructional needs across classrooms, the ability to understand and use data to drive collective action in service of students is absolutely essential. And it can be taught.”

The experts from DQC and New Leaders will conclude the sessions by answering questions from an audience of teachers, principals, and other educators and education professionals.

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Update: A recording of the webinar is available here.

About New Leaders
New Leaders develops transformational leaders at every level of the education system—from teacher leaders to
principals and their supervisors. We work hand-in-hand with our state, district, and charter partners, delivering leadership solutions that build on their strengths and address their most-pressing priorities. Our evidence-based programming cultivates diverse, equity-driven leaders equipped with the skills to elevate instruction, enhance learning, and build vibrant, inclusive school communities. To encourage widespread adoption of effective, sustainable leadership practices, we also advocate for federal and state policies that support outstanding school leaders everywhere. New Leaders has trained over 3,200 education leaders who annually reach 500,000 young people, mostly students of color and children from low-income families, delivering breakthrough academic results and building brighter futures for high-need urban and rural communities nationwide.

Edward Morris, Jr., serves as Executive Director of Instructional Design for New Leaders, leading the development of all professional development/program content for the organization, which provides leadership support ranging from school based teacher leadership to assistant superintendents in districts across the country. Ed joined New Leaders in 2012 as the Chicago Director of Curriculum for the Aspiring Principals Program and then nationally as the Executive Director of Aspiring Principals, where he provided national program strategy, content development, and regional director support. Ed also previously served as the Director of the Pilot Network & Professional Development for LEAP Innovations. There he led programming strategy and support for schools currently piloting ed-tech solutions for personalized learning across Chicago Public Schools, Charters, and the Archdiocese. He also provided content development and school leadership support for other LEAP programs. Ed was a teacher and principal in Chicago Public Schools for 11 years. He holds a B.S. in Cell and Structural Biology from University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign, an M.A. in Teaching and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from National Louis-University.

Krista Lewis-Johnson, native of St. George, SC, serves as the Director of Design and Development at New Leaders. She formerly served as an Emerging Leaders Program Director for New Leaders, recruiting and developing school leaders across Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, with a focus on the Project L.I.F.T. zone, to significantly enhance their leadership skills. Prior to joining New Leaders, Krista served as an English Language Arts teacher, Academic and Instructional Facilitator, and Coach. In these capacities, Krista supported teachers instructionally at the school level. Additionally, she served as the Middle School Instructional Support Specialist for Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. In this role, she supported teachers district-wide, facilitated literacy professional development, and created curriculum and pacing guides for the district. Krista earned a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University in Hampton, VA, and a master’s degree from Winthrop University, SC, both in English. She later received her doctorate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on urban adolescent literacy. She resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, Dion, and two children, Ayva and Dominic.

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