Press | New Leader-Led Powell Center Academy wins Tennessee Award for Highest Gains in State.

Memphis, TN — At Power Center Academy, led by Yetta Lewis (Cohort 7) students progressed more than at any public school in the state last year. Watch the video to learn more about the culture of high expectations at her school.

“We’re not going to give up on you if you come in with skill sets that may be below grade level. It is up to the adults to provide the support you need to reach your potential.”

Yetta’s cchool received the state’s first annual SCORE Award. New Leaders are well-represented at Power Center Academy as Ms. Lewis’ leadership team includes New Leaders Kimberly Clark (Cohort 7), Middle School Principal; and Julia Callaway (Cohort 7),  High School Dean of Students.  Not only did Power Center Academy win in the Middle School Division, it was the only Memphis-area school selected as a finalist in any of the four categories.