Press | New Leaders Applauds Robust Support for School Leaders in FY2017 Budget Request

New York, NY—New Leaders applauds the Obama Administration for submitting a budget request for FY2017 that demonstrates a robust commitment to school leaders—including teacher leaders, principals, and other school leaders—particularly those serving our most vulnerable students and supporting educators and families in the highest-need schools and communities.

We are especially pleased to see the President propose $40 million in additional investments for existing federal programs designed to improve educator effectiveness:

  • $30 million for the School Leader Recruitment and Support program, an increase of $13.6 million over current funding for the only federal program with an exclusive focus on principals;

  • $100 million for the Supporting Effective Educator Development program, an increase of $6 million over current funding; and

  • $250 million for the Teacher and School Leader Incentive program, an increase of $20 million over current funding.

Of note, the School Leader Recruitment and Support program has been significantly underfunded in recent years. The Obama Administration’s proposed increase essentially reestablishes the program’s FY2011 funding level—a restoration we believe offers an important new starting point for even greater investment in this critical program moving forward.

We also commend the Administration’s strong focus on evidence-based interventions:

  • $180 million for the Education Innovation and Research program, an increase of $60 million over current funding that can be used for investments in teacher leaders and principals.

And we celebrate the Administration’s push for new and greater investments in leadership:

  • $1 billion for the Best Job in the World program, which would encourage teacher leadership investments and call on principals to create schools where teaching is the desirable, sustainable, impactful career choice we know it can be under the right conditions;

  • $10 million for Teach to Lead grants, which would build on the success of the Teach to Lead initiative by investing directly in innovative teacher-led projects that improve teaching and accelerate student learning; and

  • $125 million for the new Teacher and Principal Pathways program, which would encourage partnerships between institutions of higher education, nonprofits, and schools to create clearer pathways into teaching and school leadership.

As the FY2017 appropriations process moves forward, we urge Congress to maintain or increase these and other vital investments in school leadership.