Press | New Leaders Supports Evidence-Based Strategies to Prevent Gun Violence in Schools

School leaders, including the 3,200 teacher leaders, principals, and other education leaders who comprise the New Leaders alumni community, are responsible for providing all children with safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments. But educators alone cannot prevent the unspeakable violence that has taken place in classrooms and schools across the country.

For years, students, especially those affected by acute or chronic gun-related violence, have been calling for a change to policies that, directly or indirectly, enable gun violence to occur. With support from their teachers, principals, and families, young people continue to lead critical efforts to end gun violence and in the process exemplify the strong, moral leadership we know is so crucial for transforming schools, communities, and lives.

To help tackle this critical issue, New Leaders has joined a nonpartisan, interdisciplinary group of education, public health, and other organizations and experts calling for the adoption of evidence-based strategies to prevent gun violence in schools.

Read the coalition statement.