Press | Statement and Public Comments on ESSA Implementation

New York, NY—New Leaders believes the federal regulatory and guidance processes are critical to ensuring that state, district, and school officials fully understand provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and are able to implement new programs and requirements in a manner that maximizes the benefit for students, teachers, and school leaders.

We believe that strong implementation of ESSA’s Title I provisions at the state, district, and school levels is essential for the new legislation to fulfill its moral obligations as a civil rights law. And, as decision-making shifts away from the federal government, we recognize that it is more important than ever that our nation’s schools be led by individuals who possess the leadership abilities and technical prowess to design and adopt school improvement strategies that will truly make a difference for students. Therefore, we strongly support Title II provisions in the new statute that provide greater support for the development and retention of outstanding principals and other school leaders.

Our public comments highlight specific provisions in ESSA for which New Leaders thinks that departmental regulations or guidance (including regulations or guidance specifically on the role of school leaders) will be needed if the new law is to deliver on its promise to strengthen teaching, especially in the highest-need schools, and accelerate academic achievement and other outcomes, particularly for our most vulnerable students.

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