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Our Approach

Too often, leadership training takes educators out of their schools. Emerging Leaders combines intensive study with job-embedded coaching as participants lead a team of teachers to elevate instruction and achievement.

Real-World Practice

Adults learn best when training is rooted in challenging, real-world work. Emerging Leaders get feedback as they lead team meetings and complete assignments directly connected to their leadership responsibilities.

Expert Coaching

Emerging Leaders benefit from regular, on-site coaching delivered by highly successful former school leaders. Leadership interactions are also recorded on video for additional coaching and feedback.

Skills For Success

Great school leaders must have deep teaching expertise and be capable of winning colleagues’ trust. Emerging Leaders develops the adult and cultural leadership skills needed to guide colleagues to instructional excellence.

Why Emerging Leaders?

Great teaching does not automatically translate into great leadership, yet teachers are often thrust into leadership roles without specialized training. Emerging Leaders prepares educators with the skills they need to guide colleagues — and their students — to excellence.

Over the course of the yearlong program, Emerging Leaders grow measurably more skillful in key leadership practices, such as using data to strengthen instruction, managing difficult conversations, and delivering effective feedback. This ensures that participants are capable of accelerating student learning, whether they seek to advance in their careers or want to become more effective in their current leadership roles.


"I interviewed candidates for principal openings and you could tell who went through New Leaders.

They were set apart by their ability to articulate a vision, talk through instructional leadership with confidence, and give concrete examples demonstrating their understanding of how to do the work.”

— Dr. Nikolai P. Vitti
Superintendent, Duval County Public Schools


Participants apply what they learn while leading a teacher team, enabling them to immediately elevate instruction and raise achievement across multiple classrooms.

of Emerging Leaders led gains across the classrooms they supervised, even while still completing training


Emerging Leaders helps our partners build a robust pipeline of well-prepared future leaders: In some districts, half of graduates were promoted directly into principal and assistant principal roles.

of Emerging Leaders in Arlington, Texas were promoted directly into principal or assistant principal roles

Selection Is Key

We carefully screen candidates to identify a diverse and talented group of educators with strong teaching skills, a record of raising achievement, and the right disposition to lead.

Because past performance is the best predictor of future success, we continuously evaluate Emerging Leaders throughout the training year. Participants must demonstrate proficiency in key skills and the ability to coach teachers to advance student learning in order to successfully complete the program.

Leader Spotlight

Maria Madrigal | San Jose, CA

Maria Madrigal didn’t plan to become a principal when she enrolled in Emerging Leaders — she just wanted to keep learning. As grade-level leader at Voices College-Bound Languages Academy, she particularly wanted to become better at working with adults. “Adults are much harder to deal with than children,” says Madrigal.

With support from her Program Director, Madrigal coached fourth- and fifth-grade teachers to improve student writing. By spring, every student made measurable progress, and fourth graders outscored their more affluent district peers on California’s English language arts tests.

At year’s end, Madrigal’s principal asked her to lead a new Voices school. Thanks to her training, Madrigal felt ready: “Emerging Leaders helped me establish a vision for my team and to manage difficult conversations with teachers and parents without taking things personally. I keep the focus on children, because that’s why we’re all here.”


“I became a leader for the same reason I became a teacher: to have an impact. But as a leader I can influence other adults working towards the same mission. The impact is so much larger.”

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