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Our Approach

Too often, system-level leadership is mired in compliance work. Our Principal Supervisors program creates a focused community of practice, combining group study, school visits, and expert coaching to enhance instructional leadership across an entire school system.

Real-World Practice

Participants build fluency in local standards and data analysis during school visits, identifying instructional challenges and devising strategies to help principals address them.

Expert Coaching

Advisors provide personalized support and feedback during training sessions and leadership walks, helping participants prioritize and bolster instructional leadership among the principals they supervise.

Skills For Success

Participants master skills needed to coach principals to excellence, such as giving targeted feedback, using evidence to develop growth plans, and designing relevant professional development.

Why Principal Supervisors?

Great school leaders can’t go it alone — they need skillful support from trusted managers. Our Principal Supervisors program equips participants with the knowledge, tools, and leadership practices to bolster principal performance and better support student success.

We work hand-in-hand with partners to refocus the supervisor role on elevating teaching and learning across the schools they oversee. We then prepare supervisors for this shift by cultivating the skills needed to transform principals into outstanding instructional leaders who deliver breakthrough results for students.


"New Leaders’ Principal Supervisors program is helping us equip our district superintendents with the skills and knowledge to give principals relevant, actionable feedback that raises the quality of instruction at their schools.”

Principals are reporting back that they feel more supported and that they’re happier.”

– Devin Dillon
Interim Superintendent
Oakland Unified School District


Through shared study and structured school leadership walks, participants establish a consistent bar to evaluate principals’ performance and learn to give actionable feedback to help them improve.

of supervisors say the program improved their ability to accurately and rigorously evaluate principal performance


Under the guidance of an expert coach, participants use district, school, and student data to diagnose school needs, and then guide principals to set and achieve ambitious learning goals based on that evidence.

of supervisors say the program improved their ability to focus on strengthening principals' instructional leadership


Leadership matters — at the school level, and at the system level too. Building on 16 years of experience developing great school leaders, our Principal Supervisors program helps system leaders refocus their mission, putting instructional excellence at its center.

Drawing on everything New Leaders has learned about developing and supporting exemplary principals, the program prepares principal supervisors to enact those practices in their districts and charter networks. In this way, the program delivers lasting benefits to students and schools.

Leader Spotlight


After observing a fifth-grade math lesson and principal conference, Deputy Superintendent Wesley Jacques spotted a problem. Students spent most of their time practicing algorithms, but new standards also called for attention to the underlying conceptual knowledge. The principal had missed this detail, and with it, the opportunity to coach the teacher to improve.

Jacques helped the principal develop targeted questions for all teachers, to support appropriately challenging, standards-aligned lessons. Then, with other program participants, he developed a training session for school leaders that delved into standards and expectations across grade levels.

He credits Principal Supervisors for his mastery of the standards and strategies to help schools and students meet them. The training fostered a shared vision of instructional excellence, including regular “leadership walks,” where leaders and supervisors visit classrooms, review student data, and track progress toward improvement goals. Armed with his new expertise, Jacques now oversees professional development for educators throughout Oakland Unified School District.


New Leaders has put instructional leadership at the front and center of our work. It has given us space to grow as learners and as instructional leaders.”

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