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New Leaders rigorously evaluates our programs to get better at what we do. These white papers share lessons drawn from over 15 years of program evaluation experience to benefit other principal preparation providers seeking to introduce self-evaluation processes or improve their approach.

Each brief breaks down a critical component of successful program evaluation, offering actionable recommendations on topics such as collecting key data and accurately analyzing that evidence. Together, these papers provide practical guidance to help principal preparation providers design evaluation processes that enable continuous improvement.

This series was made possible through the generous support of the George W. Bush Institute Alliance to Reform Educational Leadership (AREL).

Decades of research show that principals have a tremendous impact on student success.

If we aim to improve our nation’s schools, principal preparation providers must be committed to carefully and continuously evaluating our programs. That way, we can ensure that we are setting our alumni up for success in an incredibly challenging job. 


Why principal program evaluation is important: Learn how program evaluation can support continuous improvement efforts. Access recommendations for building an effective self-evaluation process.

Tracking participant characteristicsDiscover the participant characteristics New Leaders tracks in its program evaluation model along with others you might consider. Access recommendations for linking participant characteristics with program outcomes.

Measuring program implementationLearn about New Leaders’ approach to assessing program implementation. Access recommendations about metrics and tools to measure the quality and fidelity of program implementation.

Assessing participant learning and program completionExplore how New Leaders uses performance-based assessments to evaluate learning. Explore best practices for assessment design, scoring, and linking results to outcomes.

Tracking participant job placementLearn about New Leaders’ approach to tracking principal placement and retention rates. Access recommendations for selecting indicators to accurately track these outcomes.

Measuring student outcomesReview the challenges of including student achievement measures in evaluation. Learn how New Leaders approaches this issue, and makes responsible use of student data to assess program quality.



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