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Nearly two decades ago, New Leaders pioneered a new approach to principal training that required aspiring leaders to learn by doing. Multiple independent studies have confirmed that this approach prepares principals who are
strong instructional leaders capable of shifting educators’ practice and measurably improving student achievement. In listening to our partners, we have learned that districts, charter management organizations (CMOs), and states value our comprehensive programs and they want to involve even more educators in leadership development in more targeted ways. In response to that need, New Leaders has adopted a more adaptable approach. Today, in deep collaboration with our district, CMO, and state partners, we are infusing effective leadership practices across the continuum by leveraging our proven model to train to an even wider network of leaders—at the classroom, school, and system levels—tailored to meet unique local needs. Made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation (i3) program, Tailored codifies programmatic changes introduced over the course of the grant and presents lessons learned from our early efforts to create and deliver tailored leadership training.

“For me, it has been helpful to truly partner with you and have my voice be part of content design. Work is not done to us, but done because of our partnership.” —Dr. Rosetta Wilson, Executive Director, Leadership Institute, Jersey City Public Schools

“[New Leaders is] a servant leadership model for us. New Leaders is humble enough to listen to us, but we need courageous conversations and that’s what I value the most in our partnership with New Leaders.” —Dr. Angela Whitelaw, Assistant Superintendent, Department of Schools & Leadership, Shelby County Schools


New Leaders Offers Expanded, Tailored Leadership Solutions for School System Partners. The scope of New Leaders’ programming has expanded from providing comprehensive, “ready-to-wear” programs for aspiring principals and
teacher leaders, to creating more nimble pathways for leaders at all levels of the system—from teacher leaders to principals and their supervisors.

New Leaders’ Proven Leadership Training Can Now Be Customized in a Number of Ways.  Programming may be tailored to address varying needs related to audience, cohort size, content, delivery methods, and intensity and expected outcomes. 


Strong Relationships and Regular, Data-Driven Conversations are Crucial to the Success of Tailored Partnerships. Individuals involved in overseeing and executing partnerships must have regular touchpoints, focused on data, during which they can engage in open, honest conversations about what’s working and what can be improved.

Effective Partnerships Can Build School and System Capacity and Promote Sustainability. The deep collaboration required to develop and implement successful tailored programming yields unexpected benefits, including supporting the system to implement and sustain research-based best practices.


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