Virtual Leadership Academy
Summer 2020
Over 1,000 leaders
from 36 states

This summer and the school year ahead are like no other.

Our FREE Virtual Leadership Academy (VLA) will support school and system leaders to develop a plan for reopening schools - a plan that prepares leaders for the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic and is responsive to this watershed moment for racial justice across our country.

Participating leaders from across the country will:

Recommit to advancing equity and the needs of the most vulnerable learners

Use an asset-based mindset and approach to guide system, school, and team planning

Plan for multiple contingencies and scenarios, including planning to start the year in remote, hybrid, and standard learning environments

Account for the well-being and social-emotional needs of staff, students, and families

Accelerate student learning and drive instructional excellence across teams, schools, and systems

Use a distributed leadership model to accomplish system, school, and team goals

Why Virtual Leadership Academy?

Our Virtual Leadership Academy (VLA) supports leaders in responding to the crises and the opportunity we face. In this unprecedented time, there is no blueprint for managing the current public health crisis, nor is there one for how to respond to this turning point for racial justice. But together, we can rise to meet this moment.

This summer, principals, principal managers, and team leads from across the country will develop a vision and plan for their schools in preparation for the 2020-21 school year. Through online content and access to valuable resources, leaders will address the widening educational inequities and systemic racism in our nation’s schools, while ensuring a safe return for students and staff.

The VLA is grounded in our Transformational Leadership Framework 2020, which identifies and prioritizes the highest-leverage leadership actions that advance a new vision for schooling in 2020 and beyond.

At New Leaders, we believe leadership changes everything, especially now. We are here to support you as you forge a new path forward, one step at a time.

Program Structure
Asynchronous Learning

Our online content will prepare educators to take action now and plan for the future. Go at your own pace or in a cohort as you map out a vision for the next school year. All 12 learning modules center around three themes:

  1. How to Start Planning for Transformation
  2. The What, Why and How of Transformation in the Year Ahead
  3. How to Orient Your School Community to the Promises of What's to Come
Transformational Leadership Framework 2020

Use the Transformational Leadership Framework (TLF) 2020 to identify and prioritize the highest-leverage leadership actions specific to the crises and opportunity we face. The TLF 2020 synthesizes the research-based practices of leaders in the nation’s fast-gaining, high-poverty public schools.

Planning and Problem-Solving*

Learn in community with other leaders as you explore common challenges and discover new solutions to real-life problems.

Community Forum*

Be a part of our virtual community of leaders, sharing ideas, posing questions, and gaining valuable insights from your peers.

* For leaders participating as a cohort

Transform your leadership. Transform your schools. Transform children's lives.

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